49 Forever

I just recently had my 49 birthday and realized I don't get excited over as many little things as I did as when I was younger. This made me think of my grandmother who started to claim she was 49 forever, even on her 97th birthday, when asked how young she was she would tell everyone she was only 49, "old enough to account for a few wrinkles and reading glasses, but still young enough to do everything I want." And her excitement and joy came from little things. Forget Christmas, even though Christmas was a big deal,  it was a post card in the mail, a bowl of watermelon, a cookout, the chickens from the neighbor's yard wandering into her yard, drinking a cup of coffee on the front porch when the mail man showed up.


Today, I jumped up and down, as excited as the kid in the candy store, when my package of kids books came from Carole Ramone came. 9 books in the series on "If You Were Me and Lived In... " series. I got them so I can read them with my best buddy, my 8 year old nephew who has his room wallpapered with US maps and more. I know, it's a little corny watching for the mail man, but, you know, I think I may just take my grandmother's advice and stay 49 forever.