Rocket Ship by C.O.B.

Rocket Ship - C.O.B.

Rocket Ship follows Gary and Lincoln, friends who have tough living situations at home but feel they only have each other to trust. They decide on trying to find a way to leave the home situations together and start building a rocket ship. They find some obstacles along the way trying to get their supplies till they find an elderly couple at a hardware store willing to help, as well as finding several students at their school who are having their own difficult home situations as well who want to go with them.

I found the beginning a little slow moving, but the book did pick up as their adventure to build their rocket ship becomes more of a reality for them. The author does give a little background to some of the minor characters, the other teens/tweens who want to go with them, giving the reader a little more perspective on why each kid wanted to join Gary and Lincoln. Some of the issues the author has the kids dealing with are tough issues such as an alcoholic parent, overbearing, controlling, dysfunctional parents with unrealistic goals, and abuse. Lincoln seems to be a strong, intelligent character, who's biggest issue is needing guidance on how to deal with not only his family life but also the repercussions of his decisions and the effect on himself and others.

I did enjoy this book despite its slow start. The ending did not give me complete closure, but wasn't sure if that was left, in my opinion, open ended by the author for a reason.
I would recommend this to others.

***this book was received free from the publisher, Grey Line Press, for an honest review.***