The Other by Thomas Tryon

When I first read The Other while in high school, I couldn't put it down. Starting with Niles describing the water spot on the ceiling in the beginning, to his conversations with his brother Holland throughout the book, to each "evil" act, Tryon seduced me with his words. Identical twins, born minutes apart, one just before midnight, the other just after, different birthdays, different horoscope signs, different personalities. Different personas from identical twins? Yes.

It is often said of twins that they are attached at the hip, one doesn't feel whole without the other. Tryon does show this phenomena that many identical twins say they feel-that they feel as if they are an extension of each other. The twists and turns that Tryon's writing takes are brilliantly linked, and amazed me when I finally finished the book. The terror stayed with me for a long time after finishing the book. But this has not stopped me from going back, rereading this and making this a tradition of reading a horror story every Halloween. The Other is the perfect psychological horror story.