Forevermore by Jim Musgrave

Jim Musgrave's Forevermore places a Detective Pat O'Malley in what was Edgar Allen Poe's cottage and O'Malley reopens the case of Poe's mysterious death. I liked the premise of the plot when I entered the giveaway through Booklikes. Musgrave's research of Poe, I think, was done well, and I liked his characters.

I normally do not read audiobooks, which is why it took me longer to get through the book. I found taking the audiobook with me in the car wherever I went helped me get through the book. I think that is just my skill set for audio is just not the same as my seeing the words in print. I am interested in getting it in ebook format so I can reread it and get perspective from a different vantage point, because I did like the story and Musgrave's writing.

***this audiobook was received from author in a Booklikes's giveaway.***