Commit to Get Fit by Laura Dion-Jones

Commit To Get Fit is a good read for someone who has tried it all to lose weight. Laura Dion-Jones has proven that despite being large, despite having orthopedic issues literally working against you, that weight loss and getting healthy is doable. She discusses what to ask yourself on a daily basis to become successful. She also discusses some of the struggles that many of us face when going into a medical professional who simply says lose the weight and provides no support system and doesn't always take the time to ask questions or answer the questions we may have or need to hear. Laura Dion-Jones uses motivating quotes, tracking charts options, questions and fill in the blank statements to help you see what you are capable of doing and where you need to go to become healthier. She is a strong advocate in the book of Atkins style diets because this worked well for her. But she does state "News Flash: There is no one diet or health and fitness plan that is right for everyone." Avoiding those processed foods that we have all learned to love is something that she has shown is a big issue and needs to be addressed by all of us. The biggest thing I liked about this is when she states "...I still consider myself a recovering, chronically obese woman." She understands the daily struggle because she lives the daily struggle. I would recommend this book to someone even if they are just starting out simply because of the questions she asks that we ask ourselves. Responsibility to ourselves is the first step in starting the journey.


***the book was received free from the publisher through Goodreads***