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Reintroducing Author Wally Runnels #Giveaway:

 $25 Amazon GC & Book, "Twisted Love" 


This giveaway is hosted by Reading Authors Network.


Reintroducing, author Wally Runnels.  Wally is the author of several published books. Each book  is considered "Border Pulp" and has complex characters mostly with grit."Rocky" appears in these books and is a character to be reckoned with.


Wally was born in San Diego, traveled through Mexico, and Latin America. He was raised on the border at his family's ranch, whose original deed was recorded in 1870. 
Hanging out between two countries, he met a lot of unusual people: Hollywood types, border patrol officers, professional trackers, smugglers, and people he won't mention by name. He'll remind you no matter how weird a story can get, it'll contain some grain of truth.

Here is a synopsis of his latest book, Twisted Love

Twisted Love explores the redemptive power of love even amidst the most brutal and privileged echelons of contemporary society. Julietta Aguilar, a young archaeologist with a dark past shrouded with sordid family secrets, discovers a hidden chamber under the ruins of the Templo Mayor, in the heart of Mexico City. She soon finds herself enmeshed in an ancient mystery even as she tries to solve her father's senseless murder.

Now followed by cartel killers, deadly supernatural spirits and thwarted by her own family, her quest for peace seems almost insurmountable – until she meets a man in black with a nefarious background who goes only by one name, Rocky. 

A fast-paced, gripping read reminiscent of fifties pulp, the characters in Twisted Love offer a dark study in human nature.

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To reintroduce himself and his books, author Wally runnels is hosting a giveaway. The giveaway is for a $25 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of his latest book, Twisted Love. See below for details. 


Rules and Disclosure: This giveaway is hosted by Wally Runnels, who is responsible for prize shipment, and by Reading Authors Network. Any other blog helping to promote this giveaway is responsible for the giveaway prize. 

The giveaway is for U.S. only participants and runs from 8/8/19 through 8/24/19.

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