I need to pick up my pace a little....

I have one book that I am a few pages short of finishing and writing the review; another I just started to read. The third on my currently reading book I just received from the publisher from a giveaway from The Reading Room. I have 2 more expected soon from the publisher or author in the next couple days.


Hopefully I will have them done before I go on my cruise in April. I don't like having publishers or authors wait for their review after they take the time to send me a copy of their book, even though there have been times out of my control where it took me a while.


I am about 6 books behind in my goal this year. Hopefully my slump is over. The one I'm almost done with I got from a Scholastic Book fair at my local YMCA (middle grade and young adult books have some of my favorite authors.). So that book, The House on Stone's Throw Island, has helped me pick up a little speed. So far, so good. This is the 2nd of Dan Poblocki's books that I have read and I am finding I really like him as an author. This and The Stone Child seem to have some real substance to the mystery/thriller part without oversimplifying things for the age group that Poblocki is trying to reach. I like that in a book.