How I read-Book Tag

Thanks to Marjorie's World of Books and Bookstooge's Reviews on the Road. I snagged this off of Marjorie's and decided to do it myself.


How do you find out about new books to read?

I have always browsed the new book section in any library I go into, and when I moved closer to the library I use most frequently now, I found out about Goodreads. Then I found Booklikes, Smashwords, Library Thing, and The Reading Room. I'm not active or frequently on all of them, but I do check here, Booklikes, and the Reading Room A LOT. I also get updates from several blogs and publishers.


How did you get into reading?

My mom graduated with a BA in English Lit so it wasn't hard to get into books. I did have a hard time learning at first, so my mom used a trick of promising to get a movie version of the book when we were done reading and that seemed to spark my interest more. Then I had a great 4th grade teacher.


How have your tastes in books have changed as you get older?

I always seemed to like historical fiction and that has stayed with me. I tired of romance novels after high school. I don't mind a little romantic plot but I am not interested in a straight up romance necessarily. I found I appreciate YA novels a lot more now than in school, probably because it's no longer required reading.


How often do you buy books?

A few times a year, especially around Christmas. And I am a sucker for a used book sale.


How did you get into reviewing books?

After I got my first Goodreads' First reads giveaway. Then I started putting in a lot of my previously read books and rated them and started to review every library book I borrowed.


How do you react when you don't like the end of a book?I get a little bummed out but I don't get majorly upset. If I really didn't like the ending, I may put off reading the author for a while unless its the next book in the series. And then I get curious if the author changed it up in the next book.


How often do you take a sneak peek at the ending to see if there is a happy ending?Not often. The only time I tend to peak at the ending is if the book is difficult for me to get interested in. Then I may check it out to see if I like it enough to finish the book.


Do you use bookmarks in your books?

For the most part, yes I do use a bookmark. On occasion, when I go out for lunch, I will bring a book and forget the bookmark so I've been known to use a napkin or even a straw wrapper!