Society's Child: My Autobiography by Janis Ian

Society's Child: My Autobiography - Janis Ian

Society's Child: My Autobiography

Janis Ian

hardcover, 361 pages

Published July 24th, 2008 by Tarcher

ISBN 158542675X (ISBN13: 9781585426751)      

Also available as an audiobook


I've had respect and appreciation for Janis Ian since her Between the Lines album. As with the lyrics to her songs, Society's Child shows Ian's talent as an all around excellent writer. The flow of her sentences, her sense of humor, her ability to put feeling into her work are all shown here in this autobiography. She shares much of her life experience, of which not all was pleasant, from illnesses to relationships to her career and financial issues with the IRS. I felt that, even though I haven't met her, I know her better after reading this. If you are a music lover, interested in knowing what the backstory to a musician's life would be, or a Janis Ian fan, this is a must read.