Spaghetti for Sheepdogs (Cookbooks from The Canine Cuisine Team #3)

Spaghetti for Sheepdogs: Gourmet Recipes for Dogs & Dog Lovers (Cookbooks from The Canine Cuisine Team) (Volume 3) - John Morris
Spaghetti for Sheepdogs
Paperback, 34 pages
Published January 30th 2015 by The Chow Network Books

ISBN-10:  0692323724 (978-0692323724)

(ASIN B00THEVDMY kindle edition)



Definitely an enjoyable book-even my father, the "I'm not a reader" in my house, picked up this book and it. The language used makes it fun, and some of the recipes are simple for even the non-cook.
For those who enjoy Italian cooking and treat their dog as a family member, this would be a fun book to have around. It is part of a series, so if your looking for a special gift for that dog lover in your life, any of these books in the series would work.

****this book was received from John Morris through a Booklikes giveaway.****