The Butterfly House

The Butterfly House - Marcia Preston

The Butterfly HouseMarcia Preston

Published June 1st 2006 by Mira, (first published January 2005)

ISBN  0778301168 (ISBN13: 9780778301165)


Marcia Preston's The Butterfly House is a good read. The basic storyline is 2 single mothers, each with their own past, each raising a daughter, and the daughters become best of friends at a very young age. Preston's writing flows well and her characters are well defined. She bounces between the present and the past, with Roberta being the narrator. The transitions between the two timeframes are easy to follow. All the characters, flaws and all, I found to be likeable and I finished the book rather quickly. There is a slight chick lit feel to the book, but I did not find that as defining of the story. Preston gives us a good, well written, enjoyable read.