The Canary Room

The Canary Room: A Novel - Edwin F. Casebeer, Linda Casebeer

The Canary Room

by Edwin F. Casebeer and Linda Casebeer

Paperback, 280 pages

Published 28 July 2014 Createspace

ISBN 9781494423766


The Canary Room is about a 12 year old boy dealing with his parents divorce and going separate ways, while he was dealing with bullying and foster care. The author goes back and forth between Hermy's memories (in italics) and the present. This, for me, to a bit to get used to, but once I got the flow, I enjoyed the book. The characters were written well; the back drop of the end of world war two was well written, and the story overall a very engaging read.

***This book was received through a Booklikes Giveaway by the Publisher, Quirk Books, for an honest review.***