Stay Another Night by P.S. Meronek

Stay Another Night - P.S. Meronek

Stay another night is a good read. An underage stripper meets a mafia boss, eventually graduates from college, becomes a model and actress, and builds her own fortune, while maintaining a relationship with the mafia boss.

Meronek alternates chapters set in the present with chapters in the past. The flow of the book was not difficult to follow. His main character, Coco, is a strong, independent, smart, likable young lady. I wasn't sure if I liked the boyfriend/mafia boss, but the story was more of Coco's and what she was trying to accomplish and whether she was going to remain with Sam or not.

I was able to complete the novel in 5 days despite its 411 pages. I would definitely read more of P.S. Meronek.