Cocoa At Midnight by Kathleen Clifford and Tom Quinn

Cocoa At Midnight - Tom Quinn

Cocoa at Midnight by Kathleen Clifford and Tom Quinn is an easy to read memoir of what it is like to live a life of service from the age of 15 to past retirement. Clifford discusses what it's like to have limited time with her own family, which proves sometimes difficult when you lose track of an elderly parent, then have the other pass away. Friendships were formed, but not long lasting beyond her time of service at that particular house. But she doesn't complain, she chose her independence and a chance to be self supporting.
I enjoyed reading this memoir. It's a short read that doesn't give a reader much more than what has already been published about living as a housekeeper, but it is an enjoyable, first hand account of service in the early 1900's through the 1960's. One little note of a discrepancy, the story synopsis on the back cover notes that she was born in 1909, but in chapter 3, it is stated she was born in 1911.

****this copy is a promotional copy given to me from a friend who won it in a Goodreads giveaway.***