The Green Mile by Stephen King

When in college, I read very little of Stephen King's work. What was popular at that point was Cujo, Pet Cemetery, and Christine. These are not my preferred genre. I never really got into the horror Genre. I tended to read and enjoy his psychological horror books such as Misery and The Shining more.  Then I found The Shawshank Redemption, which I loved. Crime drama is definitely more my style.


When The Green Mile came out in 1996 in 6 serial paperbacks, I couldn't wait till each section came out. I definitely became hooked on Stephen King at this point.

Stephen King was able to separate each portion of the whole perfectly for the serial version of The Green Mile. It was actually exciting hitting the bookstores, watching for it.


The book translated very well on screen, but I loved the fact that he carried through with what happens with each major character until the end of the 6th serial, no loose ends.

I would definitely recommend this book to any book lover, not just a Stephen King fan.