The Angel Hunter by Jerrod Begora


The Angel Hunter by Jerrod Begora follows Lucile in her search to find her cousin after meeting up with people who claim angels are after her and that God is not who she thinks He is.

I felt the beginning of the book was a little long winded with the conversations between characters and a little distracting trying to figure out who was who. The plot line moved very slowly for me in the beginning. It was, also, a little unbelievable that Lucile would be so naïve as to get into a car with someone who is making some bizarre statements against her whole belief system and that she doesn't make a single attempt to reach her family.

Once the "transfer" of Lucile to her protector happens, the pace picked up and Lucile's character becomes more clear, more defined. Despite the slow start, I did enjoy the author's writing style.


***I received this book from the author through a Booklikes Giveaway***