Autobiography of Us By Aria Beth Sloss

Autobiography of Us is a well written book about 2 mismatched friends who met in high school and stayed friends. After college, Rebecca gets married, has children and seems to just accept this is how it is suppose to be. Alex does get married as well, has children, but remains the drama queen that she was when Rebecca first met her. Despite Rebecca having several chances to advocate strongly for herself through out her book, I felt that she really didn't come to terms on how to do that. I found Alex to come on a little strong at times, but I also believed that is why she was attracted to Rebecca and vice versa: Rebecca was a little more serious and Alex seemed to want to be seen as serious, and Rebecca wanted to be able to be a little more outspoken like Alex. There were a few loose ends that I would have liked to see tied up, such as with Rebecca's Dad. But over all I enjoyed the book.

***this book was received from Goodreads Author in a group giveaway***