Shade by Marilyn Peake

Shade - Marilyn Peake


Shade, by Marilyn Peake, is a great read. About a junior in high school trying to come to terms with who she is amidst dealing with an offbeat mother who changes boyfriends and moves from town to town frequently, she finds out that her new attic bedroom is haunted, her new best friend disappears, and she becomes recognized as a talented artist and journalist in her school newspaper. The author writes from the perspective of the main character, Shade and takes on some real issues that teens deal with daily without sounding condescending or preachy. Shade is a strong, intelligent, vibrant teen who has needed to grow up too soon in some areas of her life, but is looking for the comfort of just being who she is capable of being. The story and dialog move well between Shade and the other characters as they negotiate through each suspenseful and intriguing moment. An easy, enjoyable read for teens and adults alike. ***this book was received free through the Author on Goodreads.***