Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire blog tour to start soon

Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire (Addison's Tales) - Cornelius Addison

Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire 
by Cornelius Elmore Addison

Paperback, 222 pages

Published August 8th 2015 by Wivern Digital Limited

ISBN-13: 978-1910282342 ISBN-10: 1910282340

  • Series: Addison's Tales (Book 1) Age Range: 8 - 13 years Grade Level: 1 - 2

I just found this title on Goodreads and it looks like it could be a neat little read. Today is the official publication date. The author is doing a blog tour starting the 24th of August.

It's already a Finalist in Crossmedia Storytelling at the Frankfurt Book Fair.



"Tom Thorneval – Dream Merchant Extraordinaire" is a rippingly entertaining anti-fairytale that follows the misadventures of a very likable Dreammaker aiming to make it big in the world of men. Unfortunately, Tom's great plan has drawn the ire of Fate, and he is robbed of all his dreams shortly after setting out on his grand adventure.

With his loyal (if slightly insane) stoat Wix, a devastated Tom battles on through a series of horrifically funny misfortunes as he makes his way towards what he hopes is the Grand Goblin

Fair, only to draw farther away from it in the process. Will the courageous half-fairy make it back to his true love Mary? Will she be waiting for him? Or will all the orcs, imps, witches, dwarves and mysterious creatures that line the forest paths ruin his one chance at happiness?

The answer lies in the pages of this innovative literary event that races middle-schoolers through a Pythonesque world of music, color and wild adventure. Readers are invited to listen to the three songs from the tale with their smartphones and go on to learn the über-catchy, author-composed melodies at the Addison's Tales channel on With its philosophical turns and fable-like qualities, Tom Thorneval is a modern twist on what it's like to be a little creative dreamer in a very big world."


  • Tom Thorneval: Dream Merchant Extraordinaire



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