The Winter Family: A Novel - Clifford Jackman
The Winter Family
Clifford Jackman
Hardcover, 352 pages
Published April 14th 2015 by Doubleday
ISBN 0385539487 (ISBN13: 9780385539487)
I definitely liked Clifford Jackman's writing in The Winter Family. The story follows a group of men who eventually go out west after the Civil War. I do feel that Jackman's writing is engrossing, he kept the plot moving, and developed it well. The book is more than just about the Civil War, it's about the characters, what they faced while being in the army during a time of war, and the aftermath of an unstable country after the war. The only part I can say I was not fond of was the "graphic"ness of some scenes, but I was interested in reading about the Civil war when I put in for the book. The graphic scenes in the book are not poorly written, in fact they fit in well with the storyline. I tend not to read books that have a lot of graphic scenes, so this is my issue. This is definitely a good read about the time period, even with the graphic scenes.

****This book was received in a Goodreads Firstreads Giveaway from the publisher, Doubleday.****