Ingrid - Lynnette Kraft, Abigail Kraft, Jared Kraft


Lynnette Kraft, author, Abigail Kraft, illustrations, Jared Kraft, music

Paperback, 412 pages
Published June 12th 2014 by New Wrinkle Publishing (first published March 1st 2014)
ISBN13: 9780991110940



Ingrid by Lynnette Kraft was an enjoyable read. Abigail Kraft did the illustrations, which were black and white and fit very well into the story. Jared Kraft composed the music for the book and can be downloaded from Reading the book on the computer with the music in the background was definitely a plus when reading the book.
The character, Ingrid, is mute, but is a well defined character and a well likable character as well. She is considered shy and reserved, but I found her to definitely have some spunk. The book is long, 412 pages, but a pleasurable read. The length does not seem to get in the way of the story developing and all the characters, including the town, have something special about them.


****This book was received in PDF form from Abigail Kraft in exchange for a fair review****